Five Reasons Storitall Rocks

Did you know that summertime is our busiest storage season? If you are a student at the University of Oregon, now is the time to start thinking about whether or not you need a self-storage unit for the summer months. We fill up fast—so get on our waiting list today!

Why use StoritAll?
1. StoritAll is located just off Franklin Blvd, close to campus—so even if you don’t have a car you can still get here easily.
2. We have two drive-in bays for loading and unloading. Why is this important, you ask? Today might be sunny, but you never know about tomorrow. Moving boxes and unloading truck beds is no fun in the rain!

3. We provide hand-carts, dolly’s, and a cargo elevator for your convenience. Why work harder than you have to?
4. StoritAll is secure. We lock the entire facility and utilize video surveillance.
5. We happen to be located next to a brewery. Need we say more?
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